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Mould Workshop:

WeiDa Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Co., Ltd.the company owns a series of advance machineries, including sixty sets of leading plastic injection machines paired with automatic robot arms, five imported automated production lines from Europe specialized in producing premium quality nail enamel brushes using American DuPont Filaments, six automatic laser hot stamping machines from Singapore, and four 100,000 degrees purification level UV coating production line. WeiDa Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Co., Ltd. will bring in 100 sets of leading plastic injection machines,several mew process UV coating production lines for nail polish glass bottles. WeiDa Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Co., Ltd. has a first class model research and development centre, providing customers a one stop shopping service, starting from product design, model creation, mass production, emblem service. 

WeiDa Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Co., compliant to ISO9001.To ensure utmost quality, our QC department will inspect at every stage:incoming inspection (IQC), in-process inspection (IPQC) and final inspection (FQC). We also introduced advanced testing equipments such as vacuum 

environment testing and torsion tasting instrument, allowing us to produce products to meet with the international standards. With advanced equipment, standardized management, and strict 

quality control, WeiDa Cosmetic Packaging Industrial Co., a significant shareholder in the cosmetics packing market and is growing steady year by year.

Injection Workshop:in strict adherence to the modern business standardization criteria and technique process planning and layout, this workshop currently has 60 high-capacity full-servo injection molding machines, three bi-color injection molding machines aligned with industrial robot and automatic material refill system thus realizing the full automation of the injection workshop and enhancing the product stability.

Coating Workshop:

Since 2011,our company committed in the research and production of gel nail polish bottle coating process.As of now,this technique has been achieved and perfected.In addition,we possess world's top gel nail polish bottle coating equipment.We are able to produce 5ml to 18ml bottles of different variations, types and colors.We do perfect coating job to ensure the first class quality due to our coating is thick and strong. Also we can do any bottle surface effects such as metallization,matte or shinny finish. 

Our production process incorporates logical development,stable performance, highly automated 

systems,safety,energy efficient production lines and professional skilled workers. The world top quality gel polish bottle coating process made all product stably,safety and 100% light blocking.

Printing Workshop:it has 7 sophisticated automatic hot stamping machines, 7 semi-automatic stamping machines, 2 foil stamping machines with profile modeling, one tri-color printing machine, 3 automatic printing machines, 16 semi-automatic printing machines, 5 laser sculptors imported from Singapore and one automatic multi-color printing machines imported from France. The overall equipment is of world leading standard.

Hairbrush Workshop:

Our company invested USD 2,000,000 in a brush workshop including EUR 1,200,000 for importing six sets of hair inserting machines, which are imported from Italy. In 2011, the company invested USD 450,000 to develop the first automatic machines with Borghi Solutions to upgrade and improve the quality and efficiency of brush manufacturing in the brush industry of Italy. This machine can produce tens of thousands of painting brush.There are two kinds of brushes in our company, nail painting brush and nail polish brush. Painting brush is as shown below: 

There are 60 specifications of painting brushes. There are different sizes of cap and bottle, different specification of painting brush with the variation of white and yellow colored brush hair. 

The other one is nail polish brush: We have more than 100 kinds of different nail polish brush and 

molds to meet customer’s various interests. The hair is made of DOPUNT filaments from America which are used for making nail polish brushes to assure you of a wonderful feeling while 

applying nail polish on your fingers tips. 

There are two kinds of hair: Lacquer hair and Non-lacquer hair with black or white color . We can make the hair in the sizes of 13~14mm length for nail polish and 9-12mm for gel polish .The brush tube divides into flat-tube brush and round-tube brush. The brush base size 9 and 11 are matched to the 13 and 15 neck size of the nail polish bottle. We are capable of offering our customer with integrated service from brush design, mold production and mass production.


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